Tell us about your current financial situation. Why do you need assistance?

I am from Cuba, an undeveloped country in the Caribean. I am currently studying computer science at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, thanks to a grant from the government. I am very happy for this opportunity. However, I do not have any particular source of income, apart from the small monthly amount of money given to me by the government, which is destined to my basic my monthly expenditures. This includes food, rent, accommodation, etc. All of this basic needs are really expensive in Sweden. In this circumstance, it is very difficult for me to gather such an amount of money to pay for an edX certificate (although I would like to do it). Financial assistance will help me take this course without any adverse impact on my monthly essential needs. Therefore, I am unfortunately in need of this financial assistance. I cannot afford to buy the course for $149 alongside my monthly expenses and college fees. This represents an additional expense than I cannot afford at this moment. Therefore, I would be more than happy to get financial aid and a discount for getting a certificate after completion of this course. Receiving this help will open a new horizon of the world of edX courses, which will help me in my future career as a professional software engineer.

Tell us about your learning or professional goals. How will a Verified Certificate in this course help you achieve these goals?

I am doing a Ph.D. in Computer Science, so my goal is to become a first-class professional in software technology. In addition to the mandatory courses that I have to take as part of my studies, I have an increasing interest in using online platforms for learning new programming languages and technologies. I feel that, during the last decade, this field is advancing rapidly in both the research arenas and in the industry as well. I have a keen interest in learning new technologies, and web development is vital knowledge to succeed in this very competitive market. In particular, I want to pursue my career in the software engineering and DevOps fields. After learning and gaining knowledge from this course, I will be able to get on with advanced computer science techniques, as it is the pre-requisite of it, which is fundamental to pursue my professional goals. I want to complete the course due to my personal need for leaning, and because I want to put my certificate in my resume when applying to job positions in the future. This course will boost my job prospects after graduation from my university. It will help perform better in carrying out various programs widely used, such as computer languages, and give me an edge over my competitors. A verified certificate will also improve my credibility with my future contractors.

Tell us about your plans for this course. What steps will you take to help you complete the course work and receive a certificate?

This is my second edX course. I already completed another course called “Unix Tools: Data, Software, and Production Engineering”, thanks to financial assistance. I scored 93% in that course, which I think is a good achievement. I plan to complete all assignments of this course at the expected time, as I did before for the mentioned course. Also, I intend to participate and be active in discussion forums, which I have found to supplement my learning significantly in the previous online course that I have taken on edX. I have a keen interest in doing projects we frameworks, which includes JavaScript and front end languages. I am also interested in things related to backed development, automation, configurations, etc. To complete this course, I plan to work at least 10 hours per week. I will also look at the additional supplementary resources, which I found that are a very good complement to the videos and exercises available at edX. I also plan to grade assignments from other colleagues that are given to peer-reviewed, which I believe will be a great value for me as an additional learning opportunity. I also plan to show my certificate to my colleagues and encourage them to pass this course, as I feel that people need to know more about the very valuable learning resources that edX has for everyone. I will do the course modules step by step, so I expect to complete the course before the deadlines specified.