My full name is César Soto Valero. I’m a Ph.D. student in the Department of Software and Computer Systems (SCS) working with Benoit Baudry at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, in Sweden :sweden:. My research work is generously funded by the Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP), funded by Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. My current research is focused on software debloating.1 I also do knowledge-seeking software engineering research, e.g., by extracting useful information from data stored in software repositories.2 In particular, I’m interested in measuring the impact and pervasiveness of software bloat across large-scale software ecosystems.


I’m keen to perform research on software technology which:

  1. Provide actionable insights to researchers and practitioners about how modern software is currently being developed and maintained.
  2. Provide practical tools for developers in order to improve software quality.

If you are interested in collaborating with me, have a look at my list of research topics. I’m always open to do cool research through collaboration.

Formal Education

I’ll defend my Ph.D. in Computer Science in June 2023.

I hold a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science.

A long time ago, I participated in programming competitions.

Here is my minimalistic resumé.


Out of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading physical books, and jogging across the Stockholm’s beautiful parks (see my result at Midnattsloppet 2022).

My very  dark blue  is #042742.


You can email me using the form below:


  1. For more on these topics, see my living review of software debloating papers, or consult my list of software debloating tools

  2. See my list of mining software repositories resources