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The cuban revolution

My vision

“Es deplorable que se aplauda así a un hombre que esclaviza a su pueblo desde hace más de 40 años, esta solidaridad con el verdugo del pueblo cubano” ― Huber Matos, referring to Fidel Castro in 2003 [Read More]
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Vulnerability exploitation

Zip Slip attacks

“Code is complicated, and developers are not security experts. Their focus is typically around delivering code on time and so can easily miss security flaws, even if the practice is known” ― Guy Podjarny [Read More]
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The practice of teaching

The ultimate skill to learn

Nobody can deny that teaching is hard. In this 15 min video, I teach how the Quicksort algorithm works the old way: with a blackboard and chalk. As you can see, I committed many mistakes. Considering that I spent 2h of preparation for this, my performance was not as good... [Read More]
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Unnecessary code

Clarifying the concept

After reading a paper about the negative impact of unnecessary code in the software industry, I felt stuck with the many different (but very related) concepts around this issue. One can think that unnecessary code is all code that is not needed for an application to run correctly. However, the... [Read More]
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