It’s universally acknowledged that teaching is challenging. I firmly believe that teaching ranks among the most critical skills to master in our century. It applies to everyone, from software developers, to academic researchers, to corporate managers. Our future success hinges on the ability to share our ideas and knowledge effectively.

In the 15-minute video shown below, I tried to teach the Quicksort algorithm using traditional methods: a blackboard and chalk. You’ll notice several mistakes throughout the session. Despite dedicating two hours to preparation, my performance didn’t meet my expectations. However, I wouldn’t consider it a complete failure.

What do you think?

Wrapping Up

For this session, I used a few preparation tactics that I found incredibly helpful:

  • Prepare a Script: Creating a draft of my presentation was helpful for organizing my thoughts and refining the vocabulary I needed. I think with a bit more of effort it would make a significant difference in the clarity and flow of my talk.
  • Rehearse on Camera: I was surprised by the number of errors I didn’t notice until I watched myself perform. Next time, I’ll record my rehearsals to spot and correct mistakes I would have otherwise missed.
  • Use Body Language and Pacing: I’ve learned that mastering body language and maintaining a steady pace when speaking are vital. I’m still honing these skills, drawing inspiration from watching the best speakers.
  • Consistent Practice: I can’t stress enough the value of consistent practice. It’s the cornerstone of improvement for me. Regularly revisiting and rehearsing my material is essential for my growth.

I’m sharing these strategies in the hope that they’ll be as beneficial to you as they have been for me. Let’s continue to learn and evolve together as more effective speakers and teachers.