1. The Most Relevant Technical Skill in My Career
    • Have you ever wonder which is most relevant technical skill in your career? It's not necessarily a programming language or the latest framework. For me, it is Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). Why? Because being able to manipulate and find relevant information from various data sources has opened me doors to new opportunities in both academia and industry. This post is about my journey, the lessons learned, and the resources I have used to enhance my EDA skills over time.

  2. How to Give a Great Technical Presentation
    • I believe that the secret to delivering a great technical presentation is feeling in control. This enables the confidence to communicate effectively and it also helps to be perceived as an expert. In this article, I share the tips and tricks I've learned from my own flaws, and also from the best speakers.

  3. Securing a Permanent Job in Sweden Before Completing My PhD
    • In this article, I share insights about my transitional journey when moving from academia to industry, having secured a position at a big Swedish company prior to completing my PhD in Computer Science. My goal is to provide some insights, inspiration, and hope to my colleagues who find themselves contemplating a similar professional leap.

  4. Seven Reasons to Go For a PhD In Computer Science
    • Starting a PhD in Computer Science is a serious decision that literally changes your life. There are many motivations to choose this career path. Let's take a look at 7 of them.

  5. What Does It Take to Become a Software Architect?
    • The software architect is the person who has the authority to make the technical decisions regarding the architecture of a software project and stay responsible for them. This position requires a high level of authority and responsibility. This post explains what these two words actually mean and discusses the necessary skills to become a competent software architect.

  6. Hermit Programmers are Dead
    • With the advent of cloud computing and AI, there is no room for hermit programmers. You better diversify your skills or perish in the process, so don't call yourself just a programmer anymore.

  7. Recipes for Effective Academic Emailing
  8. The Practice of Teaching
    • I share preparation tips when teaching how the Quicksort algorithm works using a blackboard and chalk.

  9. How I Beat the IELTS Academic With Just a Month of Self-Training
    • Personal useful list of tips to pass the IELTS Academic English test.