1. How to Give a Great Technical Presentation
    • I believe that the secret to delivering a great technical presentation is feeling in control. This enables the confidence to communicate effectively and it also helps to be perceived as an expert. In this article, I share the tips and tricks I've learned from my own flaws, and also from the best speakers.

  2. Securing a Permanent Job in Sweden Before Completing My PhD
    • In this article, I share insights about my transitional journey when moving from academia to industry, having secured a position at a big Swedish company prior to completing my PhD in Computer Science. My goal is to provide some insights, inspiration, and hope to my colleagues who find themselves contemplating a similar professional leap.

  3. Seven Reasons to Go For a PhD In Computer Science
    • Starting a PhD in Computer Science is a serious decision that literally changes your life. There are many motivations to choose this career path. Let's take a look at 7 of them.

  4. What Does It Take to Become a Software Architect?
    • The software architect is the person who has the authority to make the technical decisions regarding the architecture of a software project and stay responsible for them. This position requires a high level of authority and responsibility. This post explains what these two words actually mean and discusses the necessary skills to become a competent software architect.

  5. Hermit Programmers are Dead
    • With the advent of cloud computing and AI, there is no room for hermit programmers. You better diversify your skills or perish in the process, so don't call yourself just a programmer anymore.

  6. Recipes for Effective Academic Emailing
  7. The Practice of Teaching
    • I share preparation tips when teaching how the Quicksort algorithm works using a blackboard and chalk.

  8. How I Beat the IELTS Academic With Just a Month of Self-Training
    • Personal useful list of tips to pass the IELTS Academic English test.