1. Replace the Disqus Commenting System on Your Blog
    • Disqus started polluting free users with unwanted ads; it's time to replace Disqus with better open-source alternatives.

  2. Enhance Your Readme With Asciinema
    • In this tutorial, I show you to create beautiful terminal recordings that your users will love using ascinema.

  3. Clean Commit Messages
    • Writing clean commit messages is a craft that benefits the project in the long run. It enhances collaboration, eases maintenance, and keeps the project history informative and navigable. At the individual level, a commit message is a reflection of professionalism and attention to detail. This article highlights some of the practices I follow with the aim of writing clean commit messages.

  4. Git Fundamentals
    • In this post, I will show you the most important Git commands that you need to know to work with this version control system.