• Let's Face It: Paper Figures Are Always Subject to Change (10 Mar 2023)
    As a researcher, I have learned that the process of creating figures is a journey of discovery, a process of refinement, and a crucible of critique. This article provides insights into the transformations that a particular figure undergo throughout the research process (before publication).
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  • No One Cares About Your Research! (11 May 2022)
    Doing a PhD is sometimes a very stressful journey. I believe this stress is unnecessary, as it primarily results from students taking science too seriously. They genuinely believe that others are continuously evaluating the quality of their research. But this is very far from being true. In practice, no one actually cares about a particular research paper that doesn't have her name on it. And I argue that this is a comfortable truth.
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    For those who decided to stay in academia, achieving a position as a tenured professor is not easy, to say the least. There are several evaluation layers to pass before reaching this position, so it is better to be prepared. Research profiles are be carefully evaluated before being accepted or rejected, so it is better for you to prepare well for what is coming.
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