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The True Value of Attending Academic Conferences

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Diversity-Driven Software Debloat
Unnecessary Code

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Use Custom LaTeX Macros to Boost Your Writing Productivity

 management (3)

On the Parkinson's Law of Triviality for Computer Science Researchers
Bus Factor: A Human-Centered Risk Metric in the Software Supply Chain
What Does It Take to Become a Software Architect?

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The Cuban Revolution

 programming (11)

The Execution Lifecycle of a Java Application
The Dynamic Features of Java
Inversion of Control and Dependency Injection in Java
AOT vs. JIT Compilation in Java
Encoding, Encryption, Hashing, and Obfuscation in Java
Design For Microservices!
The Fork/Join Java framework
Dynamic Programming
The Producer-Consumer Pattern in Java Made Easy
Unix Cmd Hacks
A Starting Guide to Become a Good Competitive Programmer

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How to Write a Good Cover Letter for a Research Paper
No One Cares About Your Research!
How to Write a Good Revision Letter
Staying in Academia: How PhD Profiles are Evaluated?
How to Write a Good Paper Rebuttal
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Seven Reasons to Go For a Ph.D. In Computer Science
Book Review: The Ph.D. Grind
Shortening the Distance Between Academia and Industry
Empirical Software Engineering Research Is Harder Than You Think

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SIGBOVIK: The Ig Nobel for Academics and Computer Science Researchers

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The Software Supply Chain
The Zip Slip Vulnerability Exploitation

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Hermit Programmers are Dead
Recipes for Effective Academic Emailing
The Practice of Teaching
How I Beat the IELTS Academic With Just a Month of Self-Training

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My Ultimate Terminal Customizations for macOS
Configuring Remote Connections in Unix-Based Systems Using SSH
Replace the Disqus Commenting System on your Blog
Enhance Your Readme With Asciinema
Git Fundamentals

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How to Set Up A Blockchain Network With Hyperledger Besu
Deploying to Maven Central